Decks And Fences

 Wood decks and fences will naturally begin to turn gray with time ,mostly due to sunlight,weather and landscaping. Powerwashing is an important part of a wood maintenance program and can help to extend the life of your deck or fence. We can help to protect your investment and make your deck and fence look like new again while also making your home look newer and more inviting. Having our professionals handle your wood cleaning will not only make an impressive impression but will also make your deck and fence last longer by killing the mold, mildew, and algae that are retaining moisture and eating away at the wood.Power washing decks and fences is not a chore for the weekend warrior or a job for an inexperienced pressure washing company. A bad job will yeild poor results and can be unfixable. The proper techniques for cleaning wood takes practice and experience to perfect. You can trust our professionals to do your wood cleaning projects the right way and deliver results you will be proud of.

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