Commercial Services 

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  • Pressure Washing For Entire Building Exteriors
  • Cleaning Sidewalks - Concrete or Brick Pavers
  • Complete Pressure Washing For Storefront
  • Dumpster Pads and Bubble Gum Removal
  • Grafitti Removal from Concrete and Brick Surfaces
  • Company Fleet Washing

MR POWER CLEAN offers a wide range of commercial pressure washing services. Our trailer units are HOTSEY commercial grade hot and cold water machines equipped with 300 gallon water tanks. Our self contained units are capable of putting out  10 gallons per minute at 210 degrees enabling us to handle the toughest jobs. 

Keeping your storefront, concrete sidewalk and the rest of your building exterior clean presents a professional image to your clients making them more likely to trust the products and services your company provides. Pressure washing is the solution to that need and we provide South Georgia's business owners a way to get and keep that clean image without the hassle.

Cleaning your store's exterior on a regular basis can also reduce maintenance and help expose problems that exist in the building's infrastructure which would otherwise be covered up by dirt or debris. It also makes painting easier and because the paint stays clean, repainting is required less often.

It is also important to keep your company vehicles clean. That is why we offer complete fleet washing services for businesses that stay on the go.

Having a clean place of business and clean vehicles to deliver your products or interact with potential customers will definately increase sales and improve the way your company is viewed.

  • Businesses
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Office Complexes
  • Any Concrete Area

Another very popular power washing service we offer is cleaning drive-thrus. Many banks, restaurants and even pharmacies get a lot of customers through their drive thru lane and keeping it clean by removing dirt, grime and oil spots will ensure your customers have the best impression of your business. By incorporating these services into your maintenance program, you will enjoy the long term benefits of an increased customer base along with a good name in the community for having a clean facility for shopping.

When you are ready to get it done, make sure to hire a professional pressure washing contractor like Mr Power Clean . We will take the worry out of project and provide you with a quality cleaning service. We also have all necessary insurance and the experience to get it done right the first time.

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