Which Spray Tip Color is the Right One to Use?

It's important to match the right pressure washer nozzle for each cleaning job! Pressure washer nozzles are color-coded to help you choose the perfect nozzle for each specific cleaning job.

Much of the actual cleaning will be done by the nozzle or spray tip, which rests on the end of the wand. The pressurized water, which becomes powerful from your pressure washer pump, is pushed through the nozzle or spray tip, hitting the surface you want to clean.

By far, the most common types of nozzles included with pressure washers are QUICK CONNECT NOZZLES and they are color-coded. Most pressure washer models come equipped with either 4 OR 5 quick connect nozzles. Either is good.

The quick connect nozzles attach to the end of the wand and they are incredibly easy to change, depending on your cleaning project.

Each nozzle sports a different color to indicate the degree of angle, or fan size, of the water.

The wider the degree or fan, the less cleaning power. But the smaller the degree, the more intense the power.

Remember you're cleaning with highly pressurized water and too much power can damage the very material you're trying to clean. So work slowly and cautiously.

White - 40 degrees - generally used for simple washing projects (cars, bikes, etc.)

Green - 25 degrees - (not included on all models) - generally used for more powerful cleaning of larger areas and stripping paint

Yellow - 15 degrees - also generally used for more powerful cleaning of larger areas and stripping paint

Red - 0 degrees - caution - most intense cleaning power, use very carefully
Black - low pressure nozzle to use for soap or chemical injection