If using HIGH PRESSURE can damage the exterior of your home or business we recommend using our SOFT WASH METHOD. We only use the amount of pressure required to get your home clean and free from algae, mold, mildew and dirt. Let us use our blend of detergents and cleaners to make your home look new again.Excessive amounts of water pressure can cause a great deal of damage to your home or office. An inexperienced or unskilled pressure washer can do more harm than good to one of your most prized possessions, your home.

STUCCO OR DRYVIT can be damaged very easily from the use of too much water pressure. Home owners with stucco or dryvit on the exterior of their home should be very careful when pressure washing their home or selecting a pressure washing professional. We ALWAYS recommend SOFT WASHING on this stucco and dryvit.

VINYL SIDING is not as sensitive as stucco but can still be damaged from high water pressures. Vinyl Siding cleans up very well when the proper cleaners and the correct amount of pressure is used. Too much pressure can cause your siding to come lose or get water behind the siding.

PAINTED SURFACES also benefit from using our SOFT WASH METHOD. This can restore the color of your paint and make your home look new again. Excessive pressure can peel the paint and require you to touch up the paint in some areas of the house.

BRICK SIDING - Higher pressures can normally be used to wash brick, however, if you are not careful too much pressure can damage the mortar. This is why we normally pre-treat the areas that are covered in mold and algae so they can be cleaned with lower water pressures.

HARDY PLANK can also be damaged from high water pressures. When in doubt always start off with low pressures and only add water pressure as needed to clean your home safely and effectively .

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